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Criticism - Keep your criticism of other's creations constructive and polite.
Pestering - Do not pester designers for release dates.
Flaming - Flaming (Being rude to) other members will not be tolerated.
Asking for downloads - Asking for downloads outside of the proper thread is looked down upon. If you are looking for a download, ask here.
Language - We strongly encourage members to use proper english when posting or otherwise communicating with other members.

Conduct & Posting

We will not condone the promotion, linking or posting of any illegal, mature, excessively violent, or generally inappropiate content whether it be via post, PM or any other form of communication within the board.
Foul language - The use of foul language is not allowed.
Accounts - Members are allowed one account only.
Back-seat moderating - Back-seat modding is 'warning' another member for breaking a rule. This is the staff's job, is you see that someone has broken a rule, report it, and it will be dealt with accordingly.
Spam - Spam is a post that is irrelevant or pointless. For obvious reasons, this is not allowed.
Post-farming - Post-farming is the act of posting something just to get a higher postcount. This falls under 'spam' and is not allowed.
Privacy - Please keep personal information such as address, phone number or anything of that nature to yourself.

These rules are subject to change without notice as discerned by the staff

~The Northern Skies staff team